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Project Management Advance

Stakeholders come in all shapes and sizes. While the expectations of some project stakeholders may be straightforward and closely aligned with project goals.

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Project Management Essentials

This exclusive course provides project managers and project team members with essential tools needed to deliver successful projects. The course covers the complete project lifecycle – from project initiation and definition, through project implementation,

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PMP/CAPM Exam Prep

PMP® Exam Prep Over 35 Contact Hours You're ready to take the next step in your career by becoming a Project Management Professional. You've put in your hours and earned your experience on the job. But are you ready for the rigour of the PMP/CAPM exam?

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Risk Management

This course teaches the main foundation of risk management process. It starts with an enterprise-wide perspective on risk, then examines risk identification and analysis tools and techniques, including risk registers and risk mapping.

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Leadership & Management

Emotional intelligence has become well known throughout the business world as a crucial component of leadership effectiveness. Intellect and business expertise can only carry you so far if emotional intelligence is lacking. You will leave this program wit

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HR & Customer Service

This course will give you the fundamental skills to succeed in your new leadership role. You will learn key concepts and practice using tools for communicating, leading change, coaching and inspiring that will enable you to build a high-performing team of

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