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Three Important Projections for Project Management Professionals in the coming years

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Three Important Projections for Project Management Professionals in the coming years

1. PMP & PMI-RMP certifications will become more popular. As more businesses continue to realise the importance of project and risk management, many people looking to upgrade their career and skills will turn to a PMP & PMI-RMP certifications to try to get a leg up in the project management field. Getting a PMP carries quite a bit of weight—it allows young workers to learn the knowledge of the field, attain networking opportunities, and distinguish themselves from the competition, and more so,

2. “Risk management” will gain more popularity. Risk management is already an indispensable knowledge area for project managers, and this has become more so with the growth of Agile methodology. Risk management has become a necessity for project professionals seeking opportunities in the coming years. While there is software available to help identify risks, you will still have to hone your ability to identify potential quality issues, budget or scope creeps and maintain organization control over your projects.

3. Cybersecurity will be in the front burner.

With upsurge in high tech hacking and use of high level encryption by terrorists, Cyber-security is gaining more relevance and it will be more than important in the coming years for project managers to understand its concept. Just like Brian Finch pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, “Cybersecurity must be defined by process, not tech… There is no such thing as a cyber-silver bullet when it comes to defensive technologies or services.” Therefore, Project Managers must continue to develop skills to enhance cyber-security in all of their tech projects.

PMI-RMP provides them with opportunity to move up the career ladder. This trend will certainly continue for years to come. In other words, more people will go into project management profession, and existing project managers will require additional training in risk management.


There are certainly more trends out there. Leave us your comments and predictions for the coming years

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